Rules for Soccer Players- Check the teams in 10 minutes before the game starts-

Player Gear-

Mandatory: Shin guards, socks (covering shin guards), each player should bring a ball. Cleats are optional. Jersey/uniform is included.

NOT ALLOWED: Earrings (none), necklaces (except medical), bracelets (except medical), hairpieces (no hard plastic or metal clips, bobby pins, etc.), baseball or football cleats.

Substitutions: Substitutions will be allowed at any stoppage of play, when the ball is off the field. No foul substitutions, meaning that we cannot substitute when a foul is called, even if the ball is on the field. Players will enter and exit the field from the half line when substituting. This will make the game run as smoothly and quickly as possible. The referee on the field will call for substitutions when allowed. The referee should also instruct the players and coaches on policy for substitutions prior to the game.

Fouls: Fouls are to be called when appropriate and by the referee on the field. The idea of YDP is to referee based on instructional play, teach as we call the foul. Offside's will introduced at U9 and begin to be called at U10, with the emphasis on teaching the rule, rather than just calling the foul. Please help teach off sides by not cherry picking. ALL penalty kicks will be indirect, meaning another player must touch the ball first BEFORE it is counted as a goal. Goalies are not prepared to handle direct kicks at this age. Throw in's will be given a second try if done incorrectly.


No intentional heading.

Kick offs can now be played backwards

Player #s & Game Length:

U4-U5 4v4 (2) 20 min halves

U6-U7 4v4 (2) 20 min halves

U8 4v4 (2) 20 min halves

U9 7v7 (2) 25 min halves

U10 7v7 (2) 25 min halves

U11/12 9v9 (2) 25 min halves

Player/Parent/Spectator/Referee Etiquette:

The goal of YDP soccer is to be instructional and fun for all involved, this includes the players, parents, spectators and referees. The goal of this program is to teach soccer. Coaches should emphasize skill development rather than game result. We are asking that parents sit on the opposite side of the field from the players. This ensures the players are properly coached and easily identified by the referee.

Please make every effort possible to start and stop games on time. If all players are not ready to play at start time, please start with players available and ask other team to play with fewer players or borrow players from the other team. If the game starts late, please shorten the halves to ensure the game will finish on time.

Games that are cancelled due to weather will be done at game time. Everyone knows that Idaho weather is unpredictable, thus, making it very hard to cancel games in advance. Please show up to all games and the determination to cancel will be made by the YDP Directors, Field Marshall and Referee at the field. Safety is always the biggest concern.


Please be 15 minutes early to your scheduled game time. Wear your PVSC ref shirt, bring a watch to keep time and a whistle. Fill out a ref card with game information and leave it in envelope at the field to get paid. You will get paid $10 per game at the end of the season.

Trainer-Doug Merkley (208)317-3079 Scheduler-Liz Merkley (208)604-1374 


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