Frequently Asked Competitive Program Questions


Why does PVSC have an Open House instead of a try out?

We believe that all youth have the ability to play soccer and should have the opportunity to play the beautiful game. 


Why is the Open House the first week of June?

Idaho Youth Soccer Association has a policy that states that any player from any club can attend as many open houses as they choose starting the day after the Idaho State Cup concludes and may try out, without commitment, starting the Monday after State Cup (for 2019 this date is June 3rd). 

What if we already have plans and are unable to attend the Open House?

We recognize that life happens and families are busy. If there is a conflict, and you are not able to participate in the PVSC open house, please go to and click on ‘Competitive Program’ fill out the form titled ‘Unable to attend Open House' and we will contact you during the team formation period to confirm that PVSC is your club of choice. 

Where will my child play?

PVSC teams play in the Snake River League. Most teams will play two games a week during the season which may fall on weeknights and Saturdays. Away games may be scheduled in Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rigby or other towns in South Eastern Idaho. Tournament locations are decided on by the Coach and Team Manager with team input. 

What are the costs to play in the Competitive Program?

Fees are broken down into several categories:

Registration Fee – This fee is due at the time of registration. PVSC charges a registration fee at the start of the Fall and Spring seasons (see chart below for details). This fee covers costs associated with league fees, insurance, field rental and maintenance, payment to referees, player passes, stipends to coaches for travel etc. Installment plans, customized payment plans and scholarships are available.  A grid of registration fees is below. 

Club dues – This is a fee clubs charge during the playing season. PVSC **does not** charge club dues.

Tournament Fees – This is an additional cost charged to players of the team during the season for tournament entry fees. PVSC white teams typically attend two or three tournaments in the fall and four to five in the spring. Blue teams may attend up to 3 tournaments. The tournament fee is established by the hosting tournament and split among the entire team; most of the time it runs between $40.00 and $45.00 per player per tournament. 

Uniform Costs – Players are responsible for purchasing the team uniform at a cost of $125. Uniform kits are used for four seasons (two years) so the average cost per season is $31.25. The spring 2019 season was the first season in the current uniform and PVSC players will play in this uniform through the Fall 2020 season as long as inventory is available. PVSC is a non-profit organization and  many teams have very generous community sponsors that have covered or decreased this cost. 


2019-2020 Registration fees

*Fees are approved by the Board every June